Surly Furious IPA

Sent to me from: Anna Lee
Date: July 25, 2006
Drank at: Bryant Lake Bowl

The Stunning Anna Lee met me out for a couple beers at Bryant Lake Bowl earlier tonight. Anna Lee is one of my newly aquired super-mega-ultra-awesome friends that I've recently made. I've already decide that I'm going to bump her straight up to the first-hand friends list and bypass all of that lame friend-of-a-friend crap that usually takes a few months.

We hung out and chatted about adventuring and travel and movies and visitors and lots of other general conversation stuff for a while. the Surly Furios beer she bought for me was really damn tasty too. When I took a sip I closed my eyes and had one of those "I'm in taste-bud heaven" moments. I think it happened in the middle of something she was saying too, so I admire her patience for my rude beer-tasting distraction.

Bryant Lake Bowl + good Beer + cool girl = goot times.

See, I'm a mathamatician! Seriously though, thanks for the beer AL. give me a call when you visit NYC. It's sad when I make new friends just before I leave town for a few months.