Capital Brewerey Amber Ale

Sent to me from: Chris Beckett
Date: June 21, 2005
Drank at: Nitty Gritty, Madison, WI

The setting: My 10 year high school reunion. It took place in Madison Wisconson at a bar. how appropriate. I actually had a pretty fabulous time. It was kind of weird seeing all of these people I recognized from back in the day. Luckily I hadn't made any horrible enemies back then, or at least, if I did, none of them showed up.
Chris generously bought me a pint of Madison's own Capital Brewery Amber Ale. If you haven't had it, get it, its fantastic. And it went fantastic with the table of cheese and onion rings that we all paid thirty-odd bucks for.
Cheers chris, thanks for the brew.