Colt 45 Double Malt 40 oz

Sent to me from: Adam Derewecki
Date: Sept 16, 2005
Drank at: .

Adam Sent me three bucks to pick up a fourty so I hopped on my bycycle and headed for Chicago-Lake Liquors across town. you just can't find 40 oz. bottles at the liquor stores in my neighborhood, but head down Lake street and the ghetto bottles dominate the whole store. I picked out one of the nastiest ones I could find. I figure that if I've got to choke down a malt Liquor, I might as well take one for the team and do it up right, so I picked up a Colt all american ghetto classic.
it's sitting in my fridge right now, but I promised myself I wouldn't drink it alone...that would just be sad. so I'm waiting for some company to share while I do this. I'll update the site with photos and story whenever that is.

:: UPDATE ::
So I drank the Colt 45 the other night. Sure enough, it tasted awful, but really, what could I expect for $2.50 a bottle (yes, I made fifty cents on the deal). I sucked it down with a couple long lost friends of mine that met up with me before we all went off to the Burlesque show in town. I was thirsty. I drank it down in about a half hour. Maybe that's why it wasn't as tough to drink as I though..because it never got warm, which is usually an inevitability with 40's, and why they always strike me as especially bad.
None-the-less, thanks to Adam for the beer. it was a beer drinking experience that I won't soon forget.