fourty of Mickeys

Sent to me from: Terri Berman
Date: May 24, 2005
Drank at: Uptown, MN

Terri was gracious enough to PayPal me a few bucks to go buy myself a fourty. I cant say I'm the type of guy who heads straight for the fourty cooler when I walk into the liquor store, As a matter of fact, I try pretty hard to avoid it all together, but there is a little excitement in choosing a good bottle of cheap beer. Kinda like looking at a porn when you're in middle school, or brushing your teeth with your finger when camping. make's ya feel kinda like the marlboro man...but dirtier.
I got my fourty home, but had to wait several days to drink it because I came down with a pretty nasty flu. Some might argue that a beer is just what the doctor ordered, but I had the intention of fixin' my body, not numbing it.
As my headaches started to subside a few days later, I fugured that Big ol' bottle of Mickey's would be just the thing to bring me back to regular pace. Now, I'd normally wrap it in a paper bag and drink from the bottle, but I've done that before, and I'm feeling a little more grown up these days (sidenote: remember the "Ronald McDonald is getting a little more grown up" ad campaign from the 90's? that was horrible), so I decided to find a little more dignified glass to drink from. Not only that, but maybe I could trick myself into thinking it was something a little tastier. (it didn't work).
I did do it up right, though, when I decided to order some spicy Thai food to go with my Mickey's. Some Veggie Delight with Tofu on Rice from the local Thai joint down the road was just what I needed to compliment my beer, and it did the trick. I was even confident enough in Mickey's cooling powers to order a heat level of 4 out of 5 on the "spicier than hell" Thai Meter. And sure enough, the Mickey's held up to the test.
Thanks for the beer Terri, It was a much needed adventure into Malt Liquor-Land.