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Sent to me from: Charlie Galloway
Date: May 17, 2005
Drank at: the Red Dragon

Charlie Met me out for a beer at the infamous Red Dragon in Uptown. The intentions weren't solely for beer drinking purposes, as we had a little bit to chat about regarding a website for his Shiatsu biz, but we certainly didn't let that hinder our thirst. 90 percent of the worlds most innovative business strategies have been thought up on a bar napkin after all.
It was a good trip. I hadn't seen charlie in a coons age, so we had some good catch up time. The Red Dragon lived up to it's reputation and bestowed the spell of drunkenness on Charlie, and got a pretty close grip on me too. Oh Red Dragon, you do me so wrong, but oh so good!
Topped off the night with some fried cream cheese wontons. Mmmmmmm. Thanks for buying the beer for me Charlie, cheers.