St. Ides

Sent to me from: Sigma nu fraternity in Cleveland
Date: Dec 05, 2004
Drank at: Dunchfest

Sigma nu started an annual tradition when they ordered up for me a fourty of malt liquor, just in time for my birthday and my annual Dunchfest Bash.
Dunchfest: a combined dinner, lunch and breakfast extravaganza. See
St. Ides was actually their third choice, after Iceman and Lazer. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the first two, but St. Ides just happens to be sold in just about every ghetto liquor store in the city. Too bad, because they all sound so delicious (insert sarcastic tone here)
I managed to choke down the entire fourty over the course of the day, which wasn't too bad as long as I intermixed some bloody mary's and mimosa's in between swigs.
I had a fabulous day, and the buy-me-a-beer donation was simply the icing on the cake (or the froth on the pintglass, you could say). Thanks for the beer guys!
Stay tuned for next years Dunchfest IV celebration. same bat time, same bat channel.