Stella Artois

Sent to me from: Matt
Date: Sept 17, 2004
Drank at: Tonic of Uptown, Minneapolis

So My friends talked me into going to Tonic last night. Personally, I'm not a very big fan of the place. It's kindof like Edina frosty-moms meets bad club music. And the drink prices make me shudder just thinking about it. The promise of an excellent rooftop patio swayed me though so I agreed to tag along. Unfortunately after the sun went down, so did our warm weather, and we ended up inside.
I guess it's not really such a bad place, I'm not quite sure where my deep rooted dislike for it comes from. The fact that Matt almost didn't get let in because he was wearing a twins t-shirt didn't help, and some sweet lady sitting next to us couldn't see her husband, because he was banned because of his sleeveless t-shirt. On that matter, I saw that sweet lady putting the moves on some beau later that night. Perhaps she didn't want her husband in there after all... but I digress. All that aside, I guess I had a pretty swell time.
Matt was generous enough to buy me a Stella Artois once we headed inside, which was especially kind of him considering the drink prices. Many Kudos should go out to my good Friend Paul as well for covering our tab when we were on the rooftop. brave, brave men you both are.
Our discussion often veered back to whether the waitresses boobs were real or not. we concluded that they were, in fact, real, based on the gravity factor.
Anywhoo, thanks for the beer matt. here's you're writeup on the site. see you someday soon.