Sent to me from: Irene Kim
Date: April 29, 2004
Drank at: .

I got a beer in the mail today! A fabulous looking Hefe sent by Irene Kim from New Jersey.
I haven't gotten around to drinking it yet, but it looks FABULOUS! Any beer with 8 syllables in it's name has go to be.
Irene send me a fabulous message alerting me to the beer in the mail a few days ago. Among many comments, she congratulated my girlfriend on being a woman who fully supports her man one hundred percent in all his endeavors (including the carbonated ones). How cool is that?
As an interesting side note, she also asked if we really were engaged? After we scratched our heads in puzzlement for a few hours, I did a little research back to previous BMAB postings, and noticed that I referred to her as my Novia (en espanol). A quick google made me realize that that translates into fiancee. I blame my high school spanish teacher for this, Senora Jaime, who told me that the translation is Girlfriend. Makes me wonder what other phrases I mis translated when I was in Mexico, and explains the puzzled looks I often got when trying to order a taco.
I held on to Irene's gift for a the perfect evening, and the time came only the next day. My fabulous friend G-Willy had a little get together, to gather people together before a show. I got there early, and seemed to be the day that all of my old freinds that I haven't seen all winter came out of hiding. We ended up having such a good time we never did make it to the show, or the afterparty, which was the original plan.
Well, actually, late in the night most people did end up going after all, but by that time I was a little to tipsy to go anywhere but home to my bed. The Weihenstephaner was the perfect kicker to a fun night.