St. Croix Maple Ale

Sent to me from: Greg Piekarsky
Date: April 26, 2004
Drank at: Stillwater, MN

I made a little trip to stillwater last weekend to meet up with Greg. I got there a little bit early and wandered around town a bit. got some coffee, window shopped at the kitchen store, and looked at the scary dolls at the toy store. Stillwater is a cute little touristy town on the St. Croix river. An excellent place to go for a friday night fish fry and beer in cans in the springtime.
Greg was great enough to pick up the tab for a round of locally brewed St. Croix Maple ale. Really good stuff. Greg runs the local cable access company so we had some good conversation about possible video projects and web stuff and general small talk type stuff. I wasn't exactly feeling too intellectual that afternoon.
It was a pretty short outing. I had to run to catch a cookout in St. Paul, (where I ate myself into food coma).