Finnigans Irish Amber

Sent to me from: Clumsy Drug Dealer
Date: April 22, 2004
Drank at: Bar Lurcat

So this is an interesting story. My friend Steph was estatically buyng rounds of drinks last night at Bar Lurcat. saying something about "It's on the Drug Money guys". Seems that last weeks she was at the gas station, and she found a purple velvet onie bag by the trash cans. Don't ask me what she was doing by the Gas station dumpsters. I guess Dumpster Diving is her secret little hobby.
Anyway, inside the velvet pipe bag was $190 in fives and tens, and in the middle of the "jackpot" was a bunch of rolling papers.
Being the good semaritan that she is, she called the gas station for six straight days to see if anybody would claim the money. since nobody claimed it, it seems that the clumsy dealer just ordered a round of drinks for everybody he/she didn't know. Thanks!
I hope you read this someday, oh blessed drug dealer, and know that your hard earned cash went towards the intoxication of so many fine people.