Sent to me from: Nat
Date: March 22, 2004
Drank at: Lauras 1029 bar

Met Nat last night at Laura's 1029 bar. He was drawn over to our table by the irrisistable pull of a 2 month old puppy we had hanging out with us. Honestly, there's no defense against that. Seems Nat is a neighborhoodie, which is cool. It's always nice to meet people in the neighborhood.
Okay, I live a couple neighborhoods away. but that's close enough, eh?
Anyway, Nat was great enough to grab a round of drinks for the few of us at our table that were still around and he hung out for a while. He also shared some motorcycle shop talk with one of my friends. The only contribution to that conversation from me was some memories of riding around with my Mom on her silverwing, but that's another story...
Thanks for the beer Nat, cheers.