Sent to me from: Jen Magner
Date: March 21, 2004
Drank at: Lauras 1029 bar

As has become tradition, we went to Laura's 1029 bar (the cop bar) after bowling leage for a few drinks. Laura's is a great nordeast bar, it's where all the city police hang out after hours, but one thing they have going against them is the horrible horrible beer selection. I was all stoked when Jen said she'd buy me a beer. I looked over to the taps: Miller, budweizer, MGD, crap and some other crap. So we asked about what they had in bottles. crap, crap, crap, premium and crap. I settled for the premium, the old standby.
So we did what has become the every-other-sunday-after-bowling traditon, where we all go down the road to the neighborhood bar, and on by one, we realize that we have to wake up and work in the morning, until there's usually one person left that stays until close.
It's also a favorite Karaoke hangout, although I've only been drunk enough to sing one time, and even then, I got the boot for swinging the microphone by the cord (Hey! I see steven tyler do it all the time!)
I also need to give jen props for the cans of Fat Cat beer she's given me on several occasions at her house. I guess the stuff is made by prisoners somewhere. That's cool. Thanks for the beer Jen.