Sent to me from: Kathleen
Date: Dec 30, 2003
Drank at: Rudolphs, Uptown Minneapolis

Kathleen was visiting from Seattle when I met her at Rudolphs BBQ for happy hour with some friends. Since it was happy hour, this beer contribution was a double header, getting me two pints of the good old wisconsin lager in front of me. I can't say that Liney's is my favorite, but compared to the bud, miller and amstel on the menu, it was an easy first place choice.

I had started drinking by three earlier that afternoon (see previous entry) so I was pretty tired after my run-in with a half dozen imported elephants, but had a pretty fantastic time none-the-less. Lucky me got to be in the midst of four women talking about "woman issues" How do I end up in these situations? I was also victim of the weird rule that all non-smokers attract the secondhand smoke of every smoker around them. woo hoo.

Although Kathleen was generous enough to buy me a beer, I didn't get to freeload all night, since I managed to spill a martini on my friends lap (I blame the elephants!) and ended up paying for it, and also I had an incredible craving for a bloody mary.

Word has it that one of the members of our drinking party made several calls to Ralph on the big white phone that night, although I won't name any names.

good times. good times.