Imported Elephant Six Pack

Sent to me from: Josh Ehrenreich
Date: Dec 30, 2003
Drank at: home

Josh bought me a beer to help him bring in his 21st birthday on Tuesday. Looks like I have some drinkin' up to do. Check in on Wednesday for the update.

9:30 am - Put beer in fridge, poured myself a cup of coffee. Checked for updates on there wasn't one.

2:45 - Opened first bottle.

3:06 - first spill. hit my computer desk and notepad. not too bad, but a bad omen towards things to come.

3:51 - Opened second bottle

4:10 - started cooking some sort of indian dish. the GF is coming by later, maybe I can impress her with my cullinary genius.

4:20 - ten minutes after putting food on the stove, realized that I had forgotten to turn the stove on.

4:21 - opened third beer to celebrate the fact the fact that I figured out why my food wasn't cooking.

4:22 - pot of lentils boils over because I'm too preoccupied updating website.

4:30 - overcooked the lentils. starting over. had a little more beer.

4:45 - burnt the bloody lentils again. that's it, no more updates while I cook!

5:15 - the GF decided not to come by for dinner. I think that calls for me to open BEER NUMBER 4

5:48 spent some time playing drunk santa ( I got a score of 1028!

6:15 - cracked open beer number 5. I'm feeling pretty shooshy about this time. Popped Trainspotting into the TV to watch for a while

7:08 - ate a cookie

7:38 - Last beer. Wooo wee woooooo. ungh

7:40 - I just noticed that the importe d elephland bottle says "by appointment to the royal danish court", and yet, it's a canadian beer, wha't the hell is taht all aboutu ?? And I dont think canada counts as imported beer. that's cheating!

9:30 - off to the bar for 2-for-1's!