Trois Pistoles

Sent to me from: Michelle Langner
Date: Jan 07, 2004
Drank at: 117 Studio

So Michelle, (the GF) bought the Pistoles for me almost a month ago for my birthday, and it's been sitting since then, waiting for the perfect opportunity to be uncorked and enjoyed. Ever since my visit to the Blue Nile where I recieved one of these baby's I've been raving about it, and she knew just what I liked.

So, fast forward to the present. Some friends of ours have been having this Wednesday night dinner party thing goin on for a while, where they take turns hosting. Michelle and I really wanted to be in the club. Kinda like being a member of some super secret underground society. (on a side note, I watched Goldfinger earlier today, and my favorite scene is still when the as yet unidentified lady says, "my name is Pussy Galore" and james bond says "I must be dreaming...) so we decided to induct ourselves into the club as a force to be reckoned with and hosted a wednesday night dinner party.

When all was said and done, we had a pretty kick ass shindig. Serving up A white mushroom spinach lasagna and a vegan Eggplant artichoke lasagna, along with Bill's Grandmothers famous artichoke dip. The Trois Pistoles kicked it all off. This is one fine fine beer, especially for enjoying in good company.

A couple of peeps brought by this cake, which, when brough out at the end of the night, bas pounced upon by all of us like a school of ravenous sharks around a bleeding fish. this was good shit, I tell you whut.