St Pauli Girl

Sent to me from: Jimmy Hoang
Date: Dec 22, 2003
Drank at: First Ave.

My good friend and old co-worker Jimmy came out of hiding recently and sent six bucks to my paypal account for me to by a tall order of whatever I like. Thanks Jimmy!

I collected my beer at First Avenue for the Best of 2003 new band night. Well, let me just tell ya, anybody who is anybody was there that night. The giant bottles of St. Pauli Girl and Heiniken kept on coming and the local music really rocked hard.

First Ave is one of those places where the rocker metalheads can freely mingle amongh the pop rock wannabe's and the candy ravers, and all can walk around with a 24 oz. bottle of St. Pauli Girl in their hand and not be ashamed.

By the way, have you seen the St. Pauli Girl website. Their spolksmodel has come along way since the braid-tailed german mountain girl from the bottle. ( HOT!!

So Jimmy, rest easily tonight knowing that your buy-me-a-beer contribution went to a good cause. We need to get together someday soon and reminiss over beer about failing dot coms and Don Ho's Chinese restaurant.