Homebrewed Barleywine

Sent to me from: Doug Boyd
Date: Dec 22, 2003
Drank at: nowhere yet

Doug from Virginia Beach Sent me this fantastic Barleywine that was brewed in December 2002, aptly named "Nectar of the Gods". If there's one thing I love, it's homebrews.

A cardboard box stuffed full of styrofoam peanuts and crumpled newspapers and one bottle of homebrew arrived yesterday via US mail for me. Which I opened right when my landlord was visiting me telling me how much I owe for the last three months of Heating our apartment. perfect timing.

I cracked this sucker open immediately after I got home from my christmas trip to the girlfriend's parents house in South Dakota. I think that there's some sort of unwritten law that after a trip like that, a beer needs to be opened.

This beer was FANTASTIC! It had a beautiful creamy head (a little too much thanks to my bad pour) and had a big and smooth taste. It's like there was a party going on in my mouth.

I took my beer, a bag of chips, and a leftover christmas cookie and had my post-christmas dinner in front of my television.

Many thanks to Doug for being the first person to mail me a homebrewed beer. I know it's not easy to part with something that you've been harboring in some corner of your closet for a year, so I'm especially giddy with excitement over this particular contribution.