Tracys Lager

Sent to me from: Renee Purrier
Date: Dec 18, 2003
Drank at: Tracys Pub, Minneapolis

Renee is another one of the Generous few who contacted me through this website, having not ever met me, and offers to meet me and buy me a beer through sheer curiosity of what it's all about. She bought me a Tracy's Lager, and since it was happy hour night, I got TWO beers!

I was pretty dissappointed though to find out that Tracy's Lager is nothing more than Shell's Dark Beer with a different name. Apparently Shells is in the business of selling beer to bars under the agreement that the bar can change the name and advertise it as their own specialty beer, unique to only them. I can't count the number of times I went the the Chatterbox pub in South Minneapolis and ordered a Chatterbox beer, thinking I was enjoying some special homemade brew handcrafted for only a select few. It's a macrobrew in in sheeps clothing! I feel so decieved!

Not that Shells Dark is bad, mind you. I actually rather like it, but it's the principle of the whole thing. I haven't heard a lie this big since "we know Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" (Oops, don't let the Bush know I'm not a supporter)

All beers aside. It was a good time. Renee turned out to be another buy-me-a-beer contributor that was NOT psycho. Neither were any of her friends. I'm really on a roll here. eighty-something beers and no psychos yet. You'd think I'm overdue by now. (that's not an invitation to psychos)

I can't tell ya how nice it is to meet some new people and have some heartfelt discussions about the latest strongbad email. I'm hoping I bump into Renee and her friends someday soon.