Boulevard Brewing Co Assortment

Sent to me from: Stephanie Bauman
Date: Dec 06, 2003
Drank at: all over

Steph presented me with this fabulous assortment package of different beers from the Boulevard Brewing Co. in Kansas City.

I'll be updating this entry as I drink the beers. I got a little bit sauced on my birthday when I recieved this, and didn't make it to these beers. Sorry for the let-down, but I'll hit them up sometime this week.

Beer #1: Unfiltered Wheat Beer. Drank at movie night at my friend Kii's place. It was a pretty mellow night of hanging out and watching some classics. We watched "Old School" (very funny, but why did they ever try to make it serious near the end), "House of 1000 Corpses" (Rob Zombie is a Genius, and very sick and twisted at the same time. I love the remake of the song Brickhouse in it) and the first half of "Down with Love" (Excellent movie and beautifully shot, cant wait to finish it.)

Beer #2. Bully Porter. Drank at my dear friend Karen's house at a little send-off get-together the night before she left for france. I won't go into detail, but there were garders and feather boas being worn that night.

Beer #3, Boulevard Pale Ale. I spent all afternoon working on a YMCA membership and thinking about how I'm going to get in shape, so I rewarded myself with a big fat pizza and beer. Jalapeno and Green olive to be exact.

Beer #4, Nut Cracker Ale. My studio is cold. Damn cold. So I decided to take some time and put plastic over all of our windows to try to keep the warmth in a bit. Well, with a dozen skylights and six foot windows, this can be rather greuling work. After busting my chops for about three hours, I decided that I deserved a beer, so I opened up one of Steph's brews and vegged out in front of the boob tube for a bit.

Beer #5 Drank at home before heading out to Motley Tuesday Metal night at the Spring Street grill. I'm pooped from working out this afternoon, so a beer tastes especially great.

Beer#6: Another Pale Ale. I cracked this puppy open while I was doing a little late night working/web surfing. and a minute late my friend Kii calls me up and talkes me into heading out to somebody else's place. That gave me about four minutes to enjoy the beer, but I managed to do it none-the-less. Now, off to see m'lady sing at the burlesque club...

Beer #7 - Pale Ale. Drank this beer while I assembled my new computer.

I thought there were 8 beers when I got them, but I drank only seven and they're gone. I'll blame one of my roommates on that.