Bells Kalamazoo Stout

Sent to me from: Jeff Yonker
Date: Dec 04, 2003
Drank at: Cafe Barbette

Jeff sponsored a beer for me from his home base of Kalamazoo Michigan. Now, if I lived in a town that produces Bell's Kalamazoo Stout, I would never leave the pub, In fact, I'm pretty sure I would find a job at the Brewery, it's fantastic stuff. It's such a relief to finally have somebody buy me a good beer (somebody offered to buy me a Coors the other day. Ungh.)

I found my fine stout just across town at a little wine bar called Cafe Barbette. I wen't there to meet a couple friends and have a couple beers with a friend who had a particularly horrible day.

I actually met up with somebody I barely knew, and had some great conversations about beer in austrailia. Man, I'm a beer nerd.

This particular night happened to be a night of a pretty crappy snow storm as well. The fact that my car tires were bald didn't help things. In fact, I got my oil changed this morning, and the mechanics (if you call them that, I think they were high school kids) yelled at me for not changing my tires. Anyway, I barely made it home without sliding through a stopsign and narrowly missing a cop car on the other side.

On another sidenote, My roommate just came home as I'm writing this and told me a little tale about a bar fight he got into. Oh lordy, whats happing around here. I'm going to bed now.