King Cobra 40

Sent to me from: Sigma nu fraternity in Cleveland
Date: Dec 06, 2005
Drank at: Dunchfest - Minneapolis

Many Thanks to Sigma Nu Fraternity from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. the Fourty was Ghetto-licious. I drank it at our day long Dunchfest Celebration.
these guys get credit not only for being the first ones to buy me a fourty through buy-me-a-beer, but the first Fraternity to do so. I'm so pleased, in fact, that I think I'll stop saying anyting bad about fraternities at least through the rest of the year.
The King Cobra wasn't an easy one to track down. I first went to a hoity-toity wine store downtown. I don't know what the hell I was thinking, but the cobra isn't one to be mingling with the cabrenet's and merlot's. so I hopped in my car and drove from liquor store to liquor store, with no luck. but the more ghetto the neighborhood, the closer I got. Finally, at the 6th liquor store, Chicago-Lake Liquors right in the heart of Minneapolis's "hood", I found what I was looking for! Standing tall in the middle of the cooler, was the cobra, seeming to shout "you found me mo'fo', but it ain't ova yet! Fear me! Sssssssss!"
I saved the cobra in my fridge until the next morning. The morning of my Dunchfest Breakfast Party ( and cracked it up shorty after I woke up.
It wasn't easy to finish, since I decided to have a couple bloody mary's and a couple mimosa's in the interim, but about four hours later, long after the beer got warm and stale, I polished off the last few drops.
It was kind of nice having a big paper bag of crappy beer in my had while everybody else walked around with their Mimosa's and drnks with salads floating in them, eating cinnamon rolls and French Pastries. Kinda made me feel like king of the place for a while.
the Cobra inspired a few of us to do the cobra pose for the camera. (see photos)