Grainbelt Premium

Sent to me from: Alyssa
Date: Nov 04, 2003
Drank at: Spring Street Grill, Nordeast Minneappolis

Tuesday nights in the basement of the Spring Street Grill in Nordeast Minneapolis are home to some of the craziest, rockin' nights in town. Not only do Motley Tuesday nights bring all the 80's hairband metal you can handle, (no Nu-metal), but also Metal Karaoke, $2 beer specials, butt-rock trivia, Two live bands, Metal Screaming Contests and best of all, the feeling like you in a small town dive bar, not the city.

Alyssa had told me that she still had one of my buy-me-a-beer trading cards hanging around from the time I met her last May, and seemed to be more than enthusiastic about purchasing a beer for me. Sooo Gooood! Alyssa brought an extremely vibrant energy to the whole area. There really is no way for a person not to have fun with here within a 15 foot radius. she radiates it.

The night was just starting to get rolling, and with the way the friends were swinging by and the beers were flowing, I could tell that it would be an entertaining night.

And a long night it was. I promised to myself that I would practice my heavy-metal scream so that next time I came, I could win the PBR belt-buckle in the metal-screaming contest.

When I'm in the basement of the Spring Street Grill, I feel like I'm back in my hometown, rural america, in bowling alley bar.