Sent to me from: Jonny Christen
Date: Oct 16, 2003
Drank at: 101 Blue, Minneapolis, MN

Jon was one of the random people that bought me a beer through the website that I got a chance to meet. Good news is that he's NOT a psycho. Whew. I've had nothing but good luck so far. I actually had a super good time. Unfortunately, I had to cut out a little early. (although Jon was generous enough to buy myself TWO beers), otherwise we probably would have headed down the street and drank until bartime. Next time mi compadre, next time.

So I don't have any exciting action stories for this entry, sorry, we just kinda hung out and talked a while. I'd love to say that one of us started a bar brawl, (not small enough of a town) or danced on the bar (not drunk enough) or got in trouble with the cops (I'm a good boy, really), but we didn't.

Not that I'm complaining that is, I mean, I made a new drinking buddy, that's always cool. With any luck, I'll have the high speed police chase story for the next entry, until then, I'm down with guinness and stories at the bar.

Turns out we have a mutual aquaintance too. Man I live in a small F***ing city.