Summit Oktoberfest

Sent to me from: Scott
Date: Sept 23, 2003
Drank at: Sound Unseen Booya

I came across Scott in the midst of a crowded party (a BOOYA party to be precise!). Scott is a friend of a friend that I came across from time to time last year, and he promptly insisted on buying me a beer.

It was one of those weird (but all too common) meetings where I recognized him immediately, but for about two minutes I was trying to remember where I knew him from and what his name was. All the while putting on a pretty good front so as not to give myself away. "Hey! how've you been? Long time no See! What've you been up to?" that sort of thing. Luckily though, with the mention of a common friend, my memory snapped to and my temporary amnesia vanished as I remembered that he's a friends old roommate. Whew.

New Rule. Make a concious effort to remember those who may potentially buy me a beer in the future, or else practice skills on pretending to know who they are.