Sierra Nevada Porter

Sent to me from: Marc Iwanin
Date: Sept 28, 2003
Drank at: the Kitty Cat Club, Mpls

I bumped into Marc at the Kitty Cat Club in Dinkytown, and he bought me a Sierra Nevada for the website. While the beer was fantastic, and the environment was great, my beer drinking experience was a little lessened due to the mellow band playing. they were good and all, but they played this really ambient, buttery stuff that realy did nothing for the mood. I mean, after a free movie before, and a free beer, I was ready to whoop it up and dance on some tables, but the music just didn't move me.

It's always good to see Marc, even when he doesn't buy me a beer. I think if I was gay, and if Marc was gay, I'd ask him on a date.