Summit Oktoberfest

Sent to me from: Nick
Date: Sept 23, 2003
Drank at: Sound Unseen Booya

An extrordinary fire spinner. Nick kicks ass.

I met Nick at the BOOYA party. He was the guy walking around with a stack of fire staffs slung to his back. I knew immediately that I had to introduce myself. After all, where there's potential for playing with fire, I'll be the first to be there to singe my hair.

Nick and I and a few others made our way to a back parking lot to spin some staffs and fire-poi. I didn't notice that night, but I discovered the next morning that my hair on the back of my head was slightly singed. It never fails.

Next time you see a guy walking around with a can of camp fuel under his arm, be sure to follow him, something cool is bound to happen.