Summit Oktoberfest

Sent to me from: Aaron
Date: Sept 23, 2003
Drank at: Sound Unseen Booya, Minneapolis, MN

What good is summer really without a good ol' fashioned BOOYA party?!? While I was running the "make-your-own-tshirt stand" (notice my shirt) Aaron came by and offered to buy me a beer.

The highlight of the event was local cover band Public Mullet ripping it up butt-rock style with some Danzig and ACDC covers. Hell yea!

The afternoon was also complete with a kissing booth, which did pretty good, until Aaron stepped behind the counter, I swear I heard crickets chirping. The kissing booth was especially popular late night during the post-party, when I think I remember a whole line of guys lined up to donate to a good cause and smack lips with some of the event hosts.

Little known fact...both of the girls that spent a lot of time raising money by working the kissing booth had confessed to me earlier in the day that they had pretty bad colds. The words of advice from the event planner..."just don't tell anyone"