Six Arms Oatmeal Stout

Sent to me from: Michelle Langner
Date: Sept 18, 2003
Drank at: Seattle, WA, Six Arms Brewery

when hunger and thirst hit us hard, we turned around, and there was Six Arms Brewpub, illumitated from a light from the heavens, here to save us.

Michelle and I were paying a visit to friends in Seattle. When we paid a visit to Six Arms Brewpub. We were like, "man, I could reeeallly go for some fish and chips, and a big tall dark beer right around now." and we turned around and there it was.

The food was pretty good, much better than the greasy fish and chips we had yesterday at the bay, but the fries were kinda limp and soggy, sorta representative of the soggy day outside. (such is the way of seattle).