Fat Tire

Sent to me from: Laura Riley
Date: Sept 18, 2003
Drank at: Seattle, WA, Lava Lounge

I grew up with Laura, and paid her a visit while in Seattle. My middle school crush on her was smashed when my mother told me that we were cousins. Although third cousins, I'm no Alabama native, so I just had to persue other, non-related crushes.

I met laura at a sushi restaurant she used to work at with a few others, and we decided to have her order for everybody since she was familiar with the menu. Well, she ordered, and ordered, and ordered, until we had a virtual all-you-can-eat buffet of sushi. Now, I'm a regular member of the clean plate club, but gorging myself on raw fish and vinigered rice to my breaking point, I had to reluctantly admit my defeat and call it quits.

All was made better though, when after we ate Laura bought me a tall pint of one of my favorite, all-time beers. A Fat Tire. We don't currently have Fat Tire in the Midwest, so it was a treat, and I made sure to get plenty of it.