Rogue Shakespeare Stout

Sent to me from: Al McCarty
Date: Aug 27, 2003
Drank at: the Blue Nile, Minneapolis, MN

the Blue Nile is a great bar (and restaurant) in the 7 corners area of downtown minneapolis. It was actually my first time there, but it certainly lived up to it's reputation of having one of the best open mic nights in town.

I got to know Al, who discovered through a posting on Al is someone who REALLY knows his beer, and knows the good stuff. He sympathized with me for having to drink all of the miller lights and bud lights on my website, and made me feel better right away by pouring me a pint of Rogue Shakespeare Stout.

This was really a fantastic beer. very dark in color with a nice, creamy head. Not as dry as Guinness.

Al manages the Blue Nile, and is one of the reasons why that bar has one of the best beer selections in the city. Oh if only the bar on my corner would have such good stuff, I'd never leave my block.