Anchor Steam

Sent to me from: Chris Dubois
Date: Aug 25, 2003
Drank at: Joe's Garage

Chris Met me at Joe's Garage, Near Loring Park in Minneapolis and bought me an Anchor Steam, a delicious, amber colored San Francisco Brew that is a perfect everyday drinking beer, or in this case, monday night drinking beer.

Joe's is a pretty cool place too, very cool decor with a rooftop patio, although I didn't have the pleasure of enjoying the rooftop. I guess I got a little too involved in conversation to think about it.

It happened to be movies in the park day, so after chilling out with Chris for a while, I got to walk right outside and watch the last half of "Rocky", which was hella cool.

I had some more photos of the event, but they got erased due to a case of dumbness on my part when transferring them to my computer. sorry Chris.