Black Butte XXVI

Sent to me from: Chris Harrison
Date: Aug 15, 2014
Drank at:

 actually, three beers.

1) La Fin du Monde
2) Chimay Grand Reserve
3) Black Butte XXVI has been dormant for quite some time now, but out of the blue I got an email in my inbox telling me that I got a beer from Chris Harrison in Oslo! It seems to me like an excellent time to revive the beer-blog, so I hastily took my generous 35 bucks sent to me by Chris and headed down to my local beer store to buy something delicious.

I ended up getting three tasty looking tall bottles of awesomeness. 1) The Chimay Grand Reserve Ale. This is one of my all time favorite belgian beers. We've been apart for a while and I'm looking forward to some one-on-one time with me and her. 2) La Fin Du Monde. A really nice canadian ale, done in the style of a belgian triple. and finally 3) Black Butte XXVI 26th reserve. I'm really excited about this one. It called out to me from the shelf on the store and I knew right then that it had to be mine. The label describes this beer as "Ale brewed with pomegranate molasses with 50% aged in bourbon barrels blended with ale with cocoa nibs and cranberry added." Wow, this sounds like there's going to be quite a party in my mouth.

 I'll be enjoying these three beauties sometime in the upcoming week. I'll keep the website posted with my beer-drinking-experience when that happens. thanks Chris!


Well, I really dropped the ball in staying up to date in this entry. I had good intentions, really. I had a post-it note on my desk for the past few months with "update buy-me-a-beer" on it to remind me, and, well, I just never got to it. In my defence, I did get really really busy. I even got myself married during that time, that kept me pretty busy as well. But now, finally,  I hit my work deadlines, cleaned up after the party, and I'm ready to get back to staying on top of things like this!

 My lateness in updating this entry in no way reflects a lack of enjoyment for these wonders that Chris bought for me. During some of the points of the most hectic wedding-party planning, I was able to kick off my shoes and have one of these lovelies at the end of the day. One of them was paired with some lovely homemade tacos,  and the others were much needed stress releivers.

 Thank you for the beer Chris!