Capital City Brown Ale

Sent to me from: Matt Kavanagh
Date: Jan 31, 2008
Drank at: Home sweet home

Ahhhhh, nothing to do today. Not a damn thing. I just finished a half dozen projects, and my other half dozen pending projects are on hold until I get feedback from clients. so all I have to do is sit around and drink some beer and play some video games. I've been working my butt off for the last couple months with work, and I think I"ll revel in every moment of my slothfulness.

Matt happens to be one of the guys I was working for on my last project, and he kindly sent me a six pack of beer when we finished it up. I unfortunately wasn't able to get the Black Butte Porter he recommended here in Minnesota, but he did also suggest something from Capital City Brewery, which is from my home town in Madison. I was happy to oblige.

Here's what I did today:
- wake up, check my email, get ready for work
- realize that I didn't have any work email in my inbox
- make coffee, check email again
- realize that I have nothing to do. sit on couch. turn on TV
- play some video games
- watch some more tv
- drink some of the beer Matt Sent me
- play some more video games
- watch some more tv
- drink some more beer.

Yup. it was a pretty busy day.