Mothership Wit

Sent to me from: Jenn Dzubay
Date: Oct 28, 2007
Drank at: Uptown, Mpls

I swung by Jenn's place in Uptown for a beer before we headed downtown to see a show. Jenn doesn't fool around with the Miller Lite or the Corona nonsense, she goes only for the good stuff, especially the good stuff from New Belgium Brewing Co. in Colorado. (why can't there be more women like you). Along with a chilled pint glass from the freezer this was a fine start to an excellent evening.

This was my first time having the Mothership Wit, and I must say, it was a fine fine beer. It's the same style as blue moon, but a little fuller and more complex, and not quite so citrusy. There were some delicious overtones of spice (and coriander?) and just wheaty enough to love, but not overly so.

From there we went to First Ave. Downtown where we saw Martin Sexton play, and he managed to rock our freaking faces off. Good God, I think I would go gay for Martin Sexton in a heartbeat. This guys voice has that resonance that goes through the air and enters the top of your spine and gives you shivers as it reverberates through your body.

But that's off the beer drinking subject...In any case, the Wit was delicious, and I'm looking forward to future evenings sitting on Jenn's front porch drinking beers. She is practically my neighbor after all, and that's what neighbors do, right?