Camo 40

Sent to me from: Sigma Nu Fraternity in Cleveland
Date: Dec 19, 2006
Drank at: Warehouse Dist., Mpls.

The fine fellas at Sigma Nu Fraternity at Case Western in Cleveland remembered my birthday again! I knew they wouldn't let me down. While I wasn't able to find the legendary "Laser" they keep requesting, I did find another beauty that I've never had when I went searching at my favorite ghetto liquor store, a Camo 20. As the label says, it's "Extra Smooth" and "Super Premium", I can assure you, it's not. In fact, it was pretty awful. I did manage to suck the whole thing down though last night on what turned out to be kindof a boys night out. I went to visit my old roommates in the warehouse space I used to live in, which, by the way, has gone to pot since I moved out in my opinion.

I was talked into going down to one of the warehouse district bars a little later on in the night. Funny how one's judgement can be altered after injesting a Camo 40, because I knew I hated every last establishment in that neighborhood, but I went anyway. Turns out that the place I went was ladies night for the university students. Not normally my scene, seing as how all the ladies that night were eight years younger than me and dancing to some R&B hippity hoppity music, but I took one for the team, and for my buddies at Sigma Nu and had a decent time none-the-less. The Camo 40 made me do it!

And as is protocall, a bag of doritos on the walk home was needed. One of my guilty vices, I admit. Who can drink malt liquor without craving chips? nobody! that's who.