Sierra Nevada

Sent to me from: Tony Bolton
Date: Dec 13, 2006
Drank at: CC Club

Tony Bolton From England made a donation to me to pick up a pitcher of my pleasure. The beer of choice was Kinsale Wheat beer, but since that's a hard find here in the Midwest USA, I had to go for the backup plan of whatever else I could find that looked yummy, which wasn't hard.

So I made an awesome new friend this night. Some random emailing around myspace unearthed a neighbor I didn't know I had. so we bridged the void between our apartments, which is just an alley, and sauntered down to the good ol' watering hole for a bump or two, the CC Club.

As usualy, service was shitty but the jukebox was good. I think the pitcher from Tony and news of my buy-me-a-beer site were impressive.

I forgot my camera again, like i do every so often, so I was forced to use my awful camera phone, and on top of that, a couple of the photos I took somehow got lost somewhere, so the only photo that prevailed was the one that I actually tried to delete because it was so bad. (I've really got to figure out how to use a phone.)

So Tony. sorry I couldn't find the beer you wanted, but I put your ten bucks to excellent use. And I thank you, your are a kind soul to offer up your hard earned money for the enjoyment of somebody you don't even know. I guess the English aren't that bad after all. (okay, I never had anything against the english, it just sounded like the right thing to say. Hell, I'm United Statesian, I can't talk! we have one of the most corrupt contries ever)