Fourty of Mickeys

Sent to me from: Sigma Nu Fraternity in Cleveland
Date: March 17, 2006
Drank at: nowhere yet

These guys get me a fourty every year for my birthday in December. It came a little later this year, but they didn't forget!

Not sure if they intended me to get a specific fourty. seems as though the form on my website is broken. so all I got was a notice from paypal saying "here's three bucks, buy a fourty" (well, that's not really what it said, but that's how it was interpreted). so being St. Patrics Day and all. I went down to my favorite ghetto liquor store, Chicago Lake Liquors, and bought myself somethign that comes in a big green bottle...Mickeys.
Mickey's reminds me of college days. I'm not the only one I know that used to get six packs of the short bottles, the "grenades" as I've heard them called" because they were sold at the gas station that sold to underage kids. Not sure if I've ever had a fourty of it though. The biggest grenade of all.

I took my fourty over to my friends place to kick off a night out for St. patty's day. Turns out we only had about a half hour before we got on the light rail and headed down to see a U2 Tribute show at the Nomad, so I had to suck down the fourty pretty fast, seeing as how drinking on public transportation will get you kicked off pretty fast. I'm ashamed to say that I only got about three quarters of the way through the bottle before we had to scram. I left it on the table with good intentions of polishing it off when we got back later, but when we did finally get back I gave it a taste and jsut couldn't do it. Warm mickey's is awful, doesnt matter how drunk you are.