Smithwicks Irish Ale

Sent to me from: Andrew Anderson
Date: March 26, 2006
Drank at: Viroqua, WI

Andrew and I have a friendship that goes back to the days we went to the same sunday school church class when we were four. Twenty-five years later I found myself sitting in his cafe in Viroqua enjoying a cold one that he offered me straight from his beer cooler.

I was just on my way home from a 12 day adventure down to the Florida Everglades to do some Kayaking, and only about three hours from home. I decided to stop by Viroqua for a quick visit. Unfortunately my quick visit turned into four days when my car blew out it's water pump and timing belt.

So while Cooter tinkered around with my little Dodge Neon, I hung out at Andrew's Common Ground Cafe for four days while he fed me coffee and muffins and lots of beer.

this particular beer was enjoyed only moments after my poor car broke down and I was given the devistating news. I must say, I was a little homesick and dying to get home, so I was pretty crushed to find out I might be spending the weekend in smalltown USA. the cold smithwicks was a little help to calm my nerves. but it was really the second and third ones that helped most.
Thanks for the beer(s) andrew. (and the food, and the place to stay...) you rock. I'll getcha back one of these days bud..