Pitcher of Blue Moon

Sent to me from: Sharon the Waitress
Date: Feb 03, 2006
Drank at: Cardinal Bar - S. Minneapolis

Last night wrapped up broomball season with a forfeit by the other team because they were missing members. So since we didn't have to play, we hit the after-game bar stop an hour early and celebrated our victory.

the Cardinal bar sponsors our broomball team, so like the good team players we are, we all stop by and rack up a big beer and food tab after our games. Sharon is our waitress just about ever time and always treats us right. hell, we give her a 30% time ever time, it's no wonder she keeps bringing us free pitchers of beer!

I think we got her to sing along with the jukebox last week...wait, actually she sang, be we didn't really want her too. The next american Idol she certainly is not. She seems the type that probably has a good thirty years of smoking to attribute her singing voice to.

so if you EVER are looking for a good hoodie bar in Minneapolis, go to the cardinal, order a basked of greasy cheese fries and sit in Sharon's section.