Hurricane 40oz

Sent to me from: Ryan M
Date: Dec 10, 2005
Drank at: New Years Celebration

Ryan bought this for me almost a month ago, and I've been saving it for the perfect time. well, the time has come. I"m going to suck this baby down tonight while celebrating New Years Eve with some friends.
It looks sort of like a sports drink, doesn't it. HURRICANE! it gives you wings! I"ll update in a day or two with the aftermath.
drank this last night for New Years Eve celebration...along with about a dozen other things. 'twas a good time, filled with lots of shenanigans. I took the hurricane along with me to a small gathering hosted by a couple friends of mine, which turned out to be a fairly good sized shin-dig. Between the Hurricane, mojitos, Patron and lots of beer, I think I remember having a pretty bitchin' time.