Summit Octoberfest

Sent to me from: Adam Zaske
Date: Oct 25, 2005
Drank at: CC Club - Minneapolis

Adam joined me for a happyhour of buy-me-a-beer collecting. and in the process bought a Summit Oktoberfest for me himself. We had just left Old Chicago, which we only went to because of their excellent beer selection (although I hate that place...don't eat their artichoke dip). and ended up at the CC club, one of my favorite Uptown Dive bars. you know, the place just isn't the same since the Minneapolis smoking ban. Breathing right and CC Club just never seemed to go together in my mind, but it works out allright after all.

Adam and I played a cutthroat game of pool, of which I narrowly escaped defeat. (i.e. I won.), and then He kicked my ass at Darts. I thought I was good at darts! I think the machine was broken, seriously, it kept score all funky-like. Adam said he had it all figured out, but I'm convinced I would have won if the machine wasn't screwed up.

Being October and all, I'm glad I got in at least one good octoberfest beer, even though Summit isn't a german beer, or even close to a german beer, it's named oktoberfest, and thus following a good german beer recipe, and that's good enough for me. My Ancestors would be proud.