Sent to me from: Bryan Hampton
Date: Oct 19, 2005
Drank at: nowhere yet

Haven't collected this one yet,but I did find a place that serves it. a crappy, frat-boy bar down the road. Not my favorite place, but they have lots of good beer on tap, and pool tables.
I'll update after I've gotten my beer.

So I recruited my friend adam to go with me to collect my buy-me-a-beer debt that has been accumulating over the last week. I did find out that Old Chicago serves Warsteimer, which I hate less that the other place that I thought i had to, which name I won't mention (okay, It's Williams Pub).

They didn't have tall orders available. so I ordered a pint, and with the remaining couple of bucks, I bought half of a Pilsner Urlqull and the Next pub I went to.

Old chicago isn't that bad I suppose, as long as you dont go there on a Friday or Saturday night, and maybe you just want some food or something. then again. I did order some food while I was there, and it wasn't good, so I guess I'm not sure what their draw is. Maybe all the junk they have hangin on the walls.

All that aside, the beer was damn good. They hit the nail on the head with thier slogan "Life is too short to drink cheap beer." Bryan didn't specify which variety of Warsteiner to get, so I got the Dunkel. Now, I'm nearly full blooded German, so I think there was some sort of connection between the german beer and my german blood, because the two got along nicely when they met.