Sent to me from: John Stevens
Date: Oct 19, 2005
Drank at: Old Chicago.

the place where I picked up my shiner had Shiner Bock on Tap. John didn't say exactly what variety of shiner to get (well, he might have, but I didn't get that message.) so I figured it sounded like fair game to me. They didn't have the tall beers that John sponsored me for. so the remaining balance after my shiner went towards a delicious pilsner Urquell I got at the next pub.
I drank this beer at Old Chicago. Not because I love Old Chago, or even like it for that matter, but it's one of the only places in my neighborhood with a big enough beer selection to appease my thirsty beers needs.

Well, there was a couple other places in town I could have gone to get a Shiner, but I would have had to drive there, and, well, I'm just too damn lazy.

I thought some food would be a good accompanyment to my beer, so I sampled Old Chicago's Artichoke dip. Let me tell you now, if you ever walk through the doors of an old Chicago restaurant, do not order this. it's an embarrasment to the artichoke. I've had many-a-artichoke dip in my time, and I've made it plenty of times too. there's nothing to it, but they managed to screw it up. sad...very sad.

I did like the beer though. it's about time one of my beer sponsors has the sense to buy me a good beer. (not that I don't appreciate those of you who bought me fourtys, but c'mon, they're fortys!). I sat and drank my Shiner Bock with my old Friend Adam who I haven't seen in months and months. in fact, Adam was the very first entry for buy-me-a-beer, so it was a good fit that he join me for entry Number 135.
thanks fort the Beer John. it made my night.