Busch Light

Sent to me from: Will P.
Date: Oct 31, 2003
Drank at: at Home

My first mailed beer! sweet!

I got the little yellow "sorry we missed you" sticker from the post office earlier today. With happy visions of beer in my head, I immediately hopped on my little blue schwinn and raced down the the post office to pick up my package. I was a little dissappointed to see that the package was from an old co-worker, Will, because he had told me that he was mailing a book to my roommate, alas, no beer for me.

I slinked back to my cold apartment to get back to my daily chores. But, when I opened up the package, I came across a little not that said this..."Dancing Man, ...It was high time I contributed to your well being, I hope this package finds you well and is not broken or leaking"

YAAAAAAYYYYYY! Neately enclosed in white styrophome peanuts was nested a roll or tightly taped bubblewrap. holding one warm american brewed light lager beer. Being what Will drinks in Iowa, I see that this beer has some sentimental value for him, so It's especially appreciated, even though it is Busch Light, I can forgive him for that.

I can just picture him at his refridgerator, beer in hand, contemplating whether to drop it in the USPS box to his left, or crack it open and enjoy the afternoon that much more.

So thanks Will, recieving free beer really was as fantastic as I've ever imagined. Cheers.

I just read a review of Bush Light on BeerAdvocate.com that made me laugh. here it is:"I took my first taste of Busch Light not too long ago. I cracked open the can, took a sip, and did not like it from the start. Ansh the beer, it really did not impress me at all. Busch Light is what I like to call the evil sister of Natural Light. It has a very watery taste and does not smell that great either. Iusually try to find the good in all beers, but this one was pretty hard. There really is nothing good about this at all. Well, I take that back. Busch Light is good for two things and two things only...those two things are for bonging beers at a party or just chugging/shotgunning beers. Thats it, nothing more, and nothing less. Other then those two things, Busch Light has no significance in this world."