Finnigans Irish Amber

Sent to me from: Garrett
Date: Oct 29, 2003
Drank at: Jitters, Minneapolis, MN

I was at Jitters the other day, celebrating a good friends birthday, when the bartnender, Garrett, offers to buy me a beer. I was kinda broke, and wasn't too keen on emptying out my wallet on $6 beers, and I think when Garrett saw me beerless, he felt kinda bad and wanted to make a contribution to my drinking habit. Now that's what I call a top notch bartender!

I was especially impressed by his double shaker mixing action, not because he did it any better than any other bartend in the city, but he does it with such a great Im-gonna-mix-these-sunovabitches-up-good attitude. It was pretty bad ass.