Warp Speed Scotch Ale

Sent to me from: Eric Nelson
Date: June 24, 2003
Drank at: Mt. Horeb, WI

One Beautiful thing about the state of Wisconsin that we don't have here in Minnesota is that the Brewpubs and microbreweries let you put beer into a big jug and take it home with you, which is how Eric obtained this gallon sized growler of Warp speed Scotch ale from Lake Louie's Brewery in the small town of Arena, WI.

I've had a lot of microbrewed beers from around the country, but I must say that southern Wisconsin has probably the largest culmination of well above average breweries in the country.

I was lucky to catch Eric away from his Tipi and wigwam on the top of the hill, as he is an odd sort of fellow, sometimes I think I'll find him burrowing in a tree somewhere telling me the natural and wholistic advantages of tree dwelling.