Green Beer

Sent to me from: Krista Jane Larson
Date: March 17, 2003
Drank at: Durkin's Pub, Anoka, MN

So Krista and I were leaving my friends wedding, an on the way to the reception we saw a virtual parade of green clad, drunken locals marching down the sidewalk and into this little local pub for St. Patrick's day. (at 3pm). Well, we couldn't not further investigate a spectacle like that, so we checked it out. Our hunches were correct, the place was filled with "kiss me I'm irish" buttons and free flowing green beer. Krista was kind enough by purchase a green beer for me, which came in a wonderful, limited edition, collectors plastic cup. The bagpiper playing amazing grace was enough to convince us to leave the reception a little early to come back later that afternoon.