Summit Pale Ale

Sent to me from: Ian del Carmen
Date: Jan 06, 2008
Drank at: CC Club, Minneapolis

Ian was apparently so impressed by my ability to turn his fifty cents into a bear from that last entry that he ponied up a little more this time so I could get myself a drink without having to rely in the luck of the slot machine pull. He sent me a generous donation of a pitcher of whatever my little heart desires (thanks Ian!).

I purchased, poured and consumed the pitcher in question at my favorite local watering hole, the CC club, a mere six stumbling blocks from my little apartment in Uptown. But I'm going to back up just for a moment here. You see, just before the CC club, I went to see Sweeney Todd at the movie theater. For those of you who don't know, this is a music movie, based on the musical stage show, featuring Johnny Depp slashing the bloody throats of his barber-shop client-base and making them into meat pies, all while singing a happy little tune. Very heartwarming, really. If you love musicals, you'll probably love this, if you're not so keen on musicals, like myself, then skip it.

Back to the bar after the show. With our hearts filled with musical splendor and our recent memory filled with images of splattered karo-syrup blood and sliced necks, we all sat and quietly wished we could double as one of the throat slashing victims in the movie. Lacking any Hollywood contacts, we resorted to the next best thing...PhotoShop. (thanks Photoshop!). You'll see the results in the photos to the left

So anyhow, that really has nothing to do with the beer I drank. But it all added to my splendid CC club experience. the Summit Pale Ale was good as always. and just what was in order for a post-slasher movie Minnesota winter night...thanks Ian!