Fedex Mystery Package

Sent to me from: I wish I know
Date: May 18, 2006
Drank at: ... working on it

I recieved two big boxes from mr. FedEx man today. Much to my delight they were stuffed to the gills with a beautiful selection of microbrews, imports and hard to find beers. I was so excited I did a little jig around my place. Nearly wet myself too but I managed to contain it. This is truely the highlight of buy-me-a-beer history.

Here's the kicker though... I don't know who the hell sent it. weird. If you're out there somewhere, send me an email if so I can thank you properly.

Until I learn otherwise, I maintain my belief that it was delivered by beer elves.

I'm going to work on these beers over the next few weeks, and update this entry as I work on them.

1. Hitachino Nest Beer:
It was a fabulous sunny spring day here in minneapolis, so I skipped out on work for the day and went for a nice long bike ride with my friend Michael. When we got back, we had a craving for something cold and smooth, so the Hitachino White Ale was the perfect thing.

It was a good beer, much better than your average, but perhaps a little bit too wheaty for my tastes. Although it was the perfect think to drink outside on a patio on a sunny day, so I ain't complainin.

And you gotta love their label. One of the best I'd say.

2: Dark Island: Drank this beers at my brother's place earlier tonight. We played with some of his "toys", which include one of those crazy fast gasoline powered RC cars and a little pocket motercycle (we revisited this after a few hours of drinking. probably not the safest choice, but fun!). Then I packed up my beers and headed with him across the back lawn to a neighborhood party.

3: Flying Horse Royal Lager: Later the same night, I busted out the Flying horse. It sparked a lot of conversations about the website (hey what's that you're drinking? where'd ya get it? they have good beer in india?) and many of said people went home later to check out this site, but alas, when I woke up in the morning I didn't have any new beers bought for me. (c'mon guys! be a sport.) I also decided to light up my fire Poi and staff for the first time in the season that night, and luckily managed not to start my hair on fire this time. (sorry, no photos of this)

4-6: Singha, Lion Stout, Jopen Koyt and Belhaven St. Andrews Ale: Drank these three beers throughout the day yesterday while getting together with some old friends and playing volleyball on a hot summer afternoon. The cold beers were a much needed commodity for the heat.

7: Singha - After a long day of bruising my arms on the worlds hardest and most over-inflated volleyball, I stopped by my friend Sadie's place to cool down for a while and polish off the snacks from earlier in the day. We sat around on the floor and listened to some crazy new "80's like" metal band. God I wish I could remember their name...Witchcraft or Witch Tower or something like that. I"ll have to find out.

8: Steinlager - Got in a big argument with somebody this day and decided that one of these beers would hit the spot. It was kindof skunky, and not very cold, and smelled kindof like heiniken, but then again, I was in a bad mood so I don't think anything would have tasted good at that point.

9: ?? - Went to my friend TallPaul's place in the burbs for a cookout. turns out that he just put me to work helping trimming a tree. Thanks a lot! Anyway, I brought along this beer to drink afterwords.

10: Adriaan - This was a yummy spiced beer. I went to Grand ol' days in St. Paul. probably the largest outdoor street festival in Minnesota, maybe the midwest, it's huge. I enjoyed this beer at my friend chris's place before heading out into the hot sun to drink crappy beer from paper cups from street vendor.s

11: La fail - After Wandering around Grand ol' days for a while and getting good and sunburnt, Chris and I sat in his front lawn and cooked out while watching the hordes of people walk down his street. This La Fail was a wonderful dark beer. Mmmmmm.

12: Soporro - I had to get out of my house for the day while my ex girlfriend moved out. So I packed some beers in my backpack and headed over to my friend Trevor's house to homebrew up a batch of Red Ale. the rule is, you gotta drink beer while you make beer, so I sipped on this little jem while I boiled the grains.

13: Xingu - Had a little cookout in my backyard when I cracked the Xingu open. Yumm!

14: Jopen Koyt - Bottled up some homebrew with my friend trevor this evening. so we decided to try the Jopen Koyt. Honestly, this beer kindof sucked. It was way too sweet, and a little harsh. It did pack a punch though. I was feeling a little loopy after finishing it (I think it's 8.5%)

15: Coopers Sparkling Ale- Okay, the very first buy-me-a-beer that I didn't drink myself. I offered it to my friend Trevor while we were bottling homebrew. But I did have a sip and it was pretty tasty!

16: Harviestoun Brewery "Old Engine Oil" - My friend Wilbur organized the drive-in tailgating party to end all drive-in parties. We took an old bus loaded with food and beer to the drive in theatre and cooked out and drank beer with 40 - 50 people while we waited for the movies to start. I brough along the "Ol' Engine Oil" to drink while I was there.

17: Tuborg - for Fourth of July weekend I went up with a few friends of mine to a cabin in Wisconsin, where we swam in some lakes, drank some beers, read penthouse forum, grilled veggies, poked a bonfire and spun some fire. needless to say, it was a fabuloust time. There's a photo of me looking at the porno on the left, but serously, I don't really look like that when I read porn, I keep my toung in my mouth and my eyeballs in my head. Honestly, we just thought it would make a funny photo (Mom, if your'e reading this, that's the truth)

18: Traquair Jacobite - On Fourth of July Day, I went to a friend of a friends rooftop cookout downtown. Long story short, I drank too much, rode my bike down to the ten second film festval, it sucked, met up with some friends, got some pizza, drank some more, and then rode my bike home in a rather zig-zaggy line. I had a nasty hangover on wednesday.

19: Lion Ale - It was time for the annual St. Croix Canoe trip, so I loaded up the cooler with some local light crappy beer, and one delicious Lion lager. I don't think we were supposed to bring glass bottles on the river, but I managed to sneak by without the river-police on my ass. The photo on the left certainly isn't my most handsome moment, but I am pretty proud of my ghost-white farmer tan.

20: Saporro -