Westmalle Trapist Ale

Sent to me from: Hans Alias
Date: April 05, 2006
Drank at: Amsterdam, Holland

While in Amsterdam, I met Hans and Inez. They not only offered us a cold belgian beer when we came to visit, and not only told us some of the most fantastic hidden restaurants in the city to visit, but Hans also invited my girlfriend Michelle and I to go sailing with them later in the week.

so the Trapist I drank at Hans's place was just one of many free-flowing beers that followed on the boat a few days later.
Here's an interesting fact. The dutch like much more foam on their beers than we do here in the USA. Apparently, the English like little to no foam on their brews, the US generally goes for about a quarter of an inch, but those crazy Dutch say at least two fingers deep is a must! I don't get it, seriously. Can anybody explain this to me?